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Orange Tuxedo Women's Costume

DAUGHTER OF THE SUN There are many ancient legends that talk about how the sun was born. The Greeks thought that Helios flew around the world with his chariot, toting the sun from one side of the world to the next.

Chinese myth said that there wereten suns that all took turns warming the world..

. until they got uppity and all showed up at once and needed to be shot out of the sky by a divine archer!

The Japanese Amaterasu was a bright and beautiful wolf goddess whose loveliness made the world shine..

. until she was teased and would hide in caverns, making the world dark so evil spirits could come out!

But, all the legends spoke of the radiance and awe of the sun. Now, a new legend has come to be.

The Daughter of the Sun has been sent to visit us. She will glow like fire and draw all our eyes towards her.

Her garb will shine like nothing we've ever seen. And, finally, in the dread of night, this one illuminating soul will bring light to the darkness, bringing joy to the terror!

DESIGN & DETAILS Make sure that all eyes are on you with this bright look personally designed by our own in-house designers and inspired by some of the most unique stories out there. This exclusive Orange Tuxedo has it all!

Start with a tank top with three orange ruffles on comfortable jersey fabric. The pants are of the same material with an orange satin stripe along the side seams.

The jacket stays open and is cropped to a shorter fit. Accent the look with shiny satin in the form of a bow tie and cummerbund.

Just purchase a matching top hat and you're ready to be a unique character in any tale. A SHINING STAR Whether you want to be the avatar of the sun or just make sure that your look can't possibly be avoided, you can't go wrong with beaming orange or a solid tux.

Doubly true when you've got both at once!