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Care Bears All Over Print Classic Mini Backpack

Care Bear Stare Power The Care Bears have a secret weapon! When the villains of the world try to spread their evil ways across the land, the bears band together and perform the Care Bear Stare.

Their belly badges light up and they stave off the latest evil scheme! Now, the Care Bears are banding together once again.


on a backpack! This Care Bears All Over Print Mini Backpack combines the powers of the Care Bears into an amazing accessory that you can bring on any adventure.

Design & Details This beautiful backpack is inspired by your favorite band of bears! The bag is constructed out of faux leather material with a fabric lining.

The compartments both feature zipper openings. The shoulder straps can be adjusted to help you get a great fit.

Of course, the best part about this backpack has to be the all-over print on the exterior! It has all of your favorite Care Bear friends on it, including Tenderheart Bear, Good Luck Bear, Cheer Bear, Grumpy Bear, and more!

You can pair it up with any of our Care Bears costumes for the perfect cosplay accessory. One look is enough to make even Shreeky and Beastly open up their hearts!


Care Bears Halloween Mini Backpack

A Very Caring Halloween Have you ever seen Care-A-Lot during Halloween? There's plenty of candy, tons of crazy costumes, and every year, Cheer Bear does this really funny dance dressed up like a vampire!

Just take it from us. It's pretty fantastic.

Luckily, our designers were able to capture Halloween in Care-A-Lot with this adorable backpack! It's officially licensed, and it features all of your favorite little bears!

Product Details This Care Bears Halloween Mini Backpack is a Made By Us design with adorable style inspired by the Care Bears. It's constructed out of a faux leather material with a fabric lining.

The exterior has an all-over pattern of the bears on it, including Cheer Bear dressed up as a vampire, Good Luck Bear as Frankenstein's monster, Share Bear as a witch, and Funshine bear dressed up as a skeleton. The backpack has two compartments, the one on top and a smaller one in front.

Each one opens with a zipper, so you can stash your Halloween necessities inside with ease. The shoulder straps are length-adjustable, allowing you to get a perfect fit!

When you toss it on your back, you'll be ready to make some amazing Halloween memories of your own.

Cartoon Mini Ghost Backpack

Phantom Familiar You're not a ghost hunter. You're a paranormal investigator.

Ghosts are great! You don't want to tag and bag them.

Though a photo or recorded and easily understood electronic voice phenomenon would be incredible. That's beside the point, though.

You're not here to hear about your activities. This exploration into the vast expanses of our accessories collection is meant to endear you to the spirits with whom you long to make friends.

We love the considerate commitment! A full ghost costume might be too much.

But our Cartoon Ghost Mini Backpack is perfect for the job! Design & Details Show the phantoms you want to get familiar by adding our Cartoon Ghost Mini Backpack to your wardrobe!

With its non-threatening stare and versatile design, this Made By Us exclusive is the spooky-cute must-have for any ghost enthusiast! Bright white faux leather shapes an ovular outer shell, adjustable shoulder straps, and a smaller attached handle.

A stylized ghost character, clearly feeling the spirit, is appliqued to the front of the 3.5 x 9 x 3-inch shell.

With the straps adjusted to your comfort, all you need to do is fill the metal zippered pocket with smaller investigation essentials, and you're ready for the next haunted house, asylum, or graveyard on your list!

Disney Hocus Pocus Sanderson Museum Mini Backpack

Gone for Good, or Gone for Now? Everyone knows what happened to the Sanderson Sisters.

They were hanged for using black magic back in the 1600s, and they've been dead ever since, of course. There's no way that they could ever come back.


unless someone lights a certain black flame candle and unleashes them on Salem for a night of hilarious mayhem! Product Details This officially licensed Disney Hocus Pocus Sanderson Museum Mini Backpack is far more amazing than anything you'd find in a historical landmark's gift shop!

The backpack's shell is blue with star details, and features a cool graphic of the Sanderson sisters' house against Thackery Binx's silhouette. The top of the bag is printed with the words: "The Sanderson Witch Museum: A National Historic Site.

" The Legends Are Real What mystical things will you find when you explore the witches' old house with your friends? A book bound in human skin, or an enchanted, three-hundred-year-old cat, maybe?

Anything is possible on Halloween night in Salem!


Disney Loungefly Glow Face Minnie Pumpkin Mini Backpack

It's Finally Pumpkin Season! Minnie just loves Halloween!

It stands to reason that the stylish mouse would be a big fan of any holiday that offers such a myriad of opportunities to dress up. Sometimes she goes a little overboard, but that's just fine.

"Go big or go home" is a great policy for the spooky season! Product Details You won't find a gourd cuter than this officially licensed Disney Glow Face Minnie Pumpkin Loungefly Mini Backpack no matter how many pumpkin patches you visit!

The orange faux leather bag has a round body printed with glow in the dark Minnie features. A pumpkin-detailed faux leather ear is sewn to each side of the bag, and a leaf-shaped green bowtie is sewn to the front.

Jaunty Jack o' Lantern Make Minnie your muse and enter fully into the Halloween spirit with themed accessories! When Minnie is your style icon, you're sure to get lots of compliments.


Disney Loungefly Hocus Pocus Dani Binx Mini Backpack

You're My Kitty Now It's been a busy, somewhat scary day: Your brother lit a black flame candle, accidentally summoning some evil witches, and they've been chasing you through downtown Salem. On the plus side, you've gained a new pet!

He's an immortal black cat that talks, and you're going to feed him milk and tuna fish and turn him into one of those fat, contented, useless housecats. Product Details This officially licensed Disney Hocus Pocus Dani Binx Loungefly Mini Backpack is just what you need for holding Halloween, candy, your lucky rat tail, or even an extra smart cat!

The red faux leather backpack has a front pocket shaped like a pumpkin, from which a cat's paws and head are peeking out. The straps are length-adjustable.

Forever and Ever Your cat might have been waiting three hundred years for a virgin to light a candle, but even now that he's passed on, he's still with you. You can feel his presence every Halloween, and whenever you wear your awesome backpack.