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Adhesive Vampire Face Jewel Kit

nocturnal One thing vampires love, as we're sure you know, is the night life. Since they can't go out during the day, vampires have to naturally get all of their errands done at night, whether it's hitting up the grocery store, dropping something off at the post office, or doing a bit of socializing.

And maybe you're under the impression that because they're out when it's dark, vampires don't need to put much effort into their appearance, but that's completely wrong! If anything, appearance is evenmoreimportant because of the lack of socializing time.

So what's a busy vampire to do? Try and schedule a stylist who works after sunset?

Please! It's hard enough making it to the bank during these hours.

product details We think a bunch of jewels could do just the trick! The black and red color scheme on thisVampire Adhesive Face Jewel Kit is just what we vampires love to see when we pop out of our coffin.

Besides, everyone is always expecting vampires to show up being all sexy and provocative, but sometimes you just want to go out and relax. Let go of all those expectations.

You'll look so good, your victim will just straight-upofferyou their neck.


Adult Bite Me No-Show Socks

Best Kept Secret Vampires have a pretty typical fashion style: Elegant Victorian suits, sweeping dresses, tall collars and dramatic capes. Secretly, however, they love a good, mischievous accessory.

After all, anyone who gets close enough to see it won't be telling any tales. Product Details Let everyone know that your bite is way worse than your bark when you wear these Adult Bite Me Vampire Socks!

The black nylon, polyester and elastane socks are comfortably stretchy for a cozy fit, ending at your ankle so that you can wear them with multiple different shoes. The toes, heels, and edging are blood red (Dracula's favorite color).

The sole of one sock is printed with red-lipped mouths dripping with fangs, and the second sole is printed with the words "Bite Me" in capital letters. Told You So When you put up your feet to watch your favorite gothic vampire show, people will be much too afraid to bother you.

And if they do anyway, you can't say you didn't warn them what would happen..


Adult Classic Black Vampire Wig

Tall, Dark, and Bloodsucking That man over there is basically everyone's dream date! He's got the most gorgeous hairstyle ever, and his eyes are smoldering with intensity.

All the ladies here have their eyes on him..

. which is probably how they spotted that trickle of blood snaking down the corner of his mouth.

And are thosefangs? Yes.

Yes they are. The question is, is that a big enough red flag to offset his incredible charisma?

Product Details Have a look that's to die for when you wear your exclusive Classic Black Vampire Wig for Men! The wig cap is concealed by voluminous synthetic black hair that comes to a widow's peak in the center of the forehead.

The Buffet Is Open The vampire's hunting ground is the crowded party, because it's the perfect place to find a victim. It's also the perfect place to just have a good time!

Maybe you can take the night off, and just eat whatever everyone else is eating. It'll make you more popular.


Adult Classic Vampire Mask

Beware the Biters The world has changed since Dracula first descended from his home castle in Transylvania, but there are still a few easy ways to pick out vampire threats in a crowd. Extra-long pointed canines is one surefire tip-off, as is a squeamishness around garlicky foods.

But the best way to tell is if your suspect can't keep his teeth to himself. Product Details Do you vant to suck some blood?

Wear this Classic Vampire Mask for Adults! The mask is painted a very pale blue and molded to look like a scowling vampire's face, mouth open to reveal wicked-looking fangs.

It secures around your head with an elastic band. Eye holes let you see where you're going so that you don't trip and fall while chasing your prey.

That wouldn't be fear-inducing at all. Any Blood Donors Here?

This mask will help you to look as though you sleep in a coffin every day and only come out to hunt at night! Unlike a real vampire, though, you'll have better luck biting your food if you take this mask off first.


Adult Deluxe Vampire Cape

Why is a cape great? Well, first, for practical reasons, it covers up your shoulders and back without any of that restrictive sleeve business, leaving your arms free for stuff like.


cool inside hand-shakes between you and the rest of your night-dwelling buddies, and..

.entertaining shadow puppets that make everyone laugh, and.


powerful gestures that punctuate your declarative speeches! Second, a cape makes it really easy to look super smooth and dramatic when you turn and leave a room.

Think about it: One quick turn of the heel and the cape flies up and makes a swishing sound and floats in the breeze and everyone's who's watching can't help but be all "OH WOW SO DRAMATIC"! Third, a cape makes you stand out.

Not just any bozo can pull off wearing a cape..

.when people see you wearing one, they see a dude who's not afraid of a little pizzazz, dig?

So you need this. You need this because every decent, self-respecting, inner-loving vampire needs a cape to call his own.

It's practically a vampire's signature calling card! And since you probably can't turn into a bat or do any of those other vampire tricks (wait.


are there other vampire tricks?), you should wear this Deluxe Vampire Cape so everyone will be so taken with what you're wearing they even won't ask you to do any transformations (which we can now go ahead and add as the fourth Pro to the list of Why Capes Are Great)!


Adult Dracula Crew Socks

Creature of the Night Don't listen to Bram Stoker - Dracula was never killed in his native region of Transylvania. He has merely gone into hiding and will probably reappear at the next Halloween function you attend.

Sometimes he even makes an appearance somewhere closer to home, but you won't notice him until it's too late. Product Details Highlight your favorite classical monster with a pair of Dracula Crew Straight Socks for Adults!

The cozy socks have black toes and red ankles, In between, they are printed with an image of the Count himself, looking dapper in evening dress and cape, and baring his fangs in a smile. The House Red Never accept a glass of wine from Dracula - you can't be sure what vintage it is, if you know what we mean.

On the other hand, if he offers to loan you a pair of socks, they will likely be stylish and cozy and you can accept the offer without worries.